Pavel Ryzhov
Software Engineering Manager
Moscow, Russia


I am Software Engineering Manager with more than 15 years in IT and 10 years in management. I am a firm believer in a coaching approach to team leadership. Learning is a core value in my job. I always encourage people to learn more and to figure out a new perspective on common tasks while staying on track with broader goals. I am quite sure that rock-star teams are born by proper coaching.


Moscow State University of Lomonosov - Master of Physics.
Graduated at February 2005. Emphasis: Mathematical physics, Algebras of Symmetry and Toda's equations.
Sberbank Corporate University - mini-MBA.
Graduated at January 2020.


Management skills:

  • Agile mindset, Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS,
  • Experienced Product Owner and Scrum Master,
  • Couching, Mentoring, Servant Leadership,
  • Onboarding, People Management, People Development,
  • Project Management - PRINCE2© Foundation Certificate.

Business Areas:

  • Telecommunications - 3GPP standards, SIP, VoIP, Billing, Online Charging,
  • Security - Authentication, Encryption, Public Key Infrastructure, Security Audits,
  • BPM - Pega Certified Senior Software Architect (7.4).

Languages and APIs:

  • C#, ASP.NET MVC 4/5, WebApi, Entity Framework, WCF,
  • Java 8/11, Java Enterprise Edition, Scala,
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery,
  • Angular.js, React.js, React Router, Redux.js, Node.js,
  • Haskell, Yesod, Persistent, Aeson, criterion, statistics,
  • Go, Gin Gonic, Reform, mgm,
  • C, C++, Python, ARM Assembly, Intel x86 Assembly,
  • Oracle PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, SQL.

Server and Applications Software:

  • Windows Server, IIS, MSMQ, Azure Service Fabric
  • Oracle Database, Weblogic 12c, Glassfish 4,
  • MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis,
  • nginx, MongoDB, Node.js, Apache Solr,
  • Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift 3/4
  • Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose.

Development Environments and Platforms:

  • Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, GNU C/C++,
  • GHC, Spacemacs, Vim, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code,
  • Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.


Sberbank JSC, Apr 2020 - Present
Engineering Manager at Sberbank API.
  • We've built an amazing team that delivers quite a lot during each sprint.
Sberbank JSC, Sep 2019 - Mar 2020
Technical Lead at Premium Solutions.
  • I served as Scrum master and solution architect for the team.
  • I did a lot of technical interviews in a quest for the best programmers available.
Sberbank JSC, May 2018 - Sep 2019
Pega Senior Software Architect at Legal Department.
  • I was one of 5 key team members that prepared successful migration from Pega 6.1SP2 to 7.4. The migration was done timely and without business downtime. The massive amount of data kept in Pega (about 10 terabytes) required an outstanding planning and execution of the migration process.
  • As an appointed point of contact with Pega Support, I was balancing between needs and reality trying to figure out how Pega Support may help us to achieve our goals and to cover problems we're facing.
  • After a year of Pega development I earned Pega Certified Senior Software Architect. I hope I'll get Pega LSA certification at the end of year 2019.
InnerWorkings, Inc., February 2017 - April 2018
Senior .NET Developer.
  • I worked on B2B eCommerce solution with complicated business rules and complex discounting and shipping logic. The solution is written on top of EPiServer CMS/eCommerce framework and is running on IIS.
  • To facilitate the growing needs for performance and manageability, I got my hands dirty with real field work and currently I work on splitting the monolith into microservices and getting rid of legacy code. For microservice orchestration Microsoft Service Fabric platform has been chosen. External dependencies like ElasticSearch have been packed as guest executables.
  • I also try to advocate disposable infrastructure approach and push usage of Docker for Windows into production but MSFT does not help me with it by ignoring bugs in WinNAT etc.
  • I participated a lot in technical interviews trying to measure not only technical level but also a culture fit of candidates. The last point is the most crucial for building a successful team.
Velrina s.r.o., November 2008 - September 2018
Co-owner. CEO/CFO/CTO or whatever.
  • In 2011 I built a custom search engine on Apache Solr 3, Glasgow Haskell Compiler 7.0.3 with Yesod framework and MongoDB 1.8. WebUI part was built on Angular.js 1.x with CoffeeScript. The nice perk was a support of Google-like advertisement auction.
  • The project for QuantVest Gmbh., Web Developer lasted from January 2012 till October 2012. The goal of the project was to build a tool for financial consultants. The main challenge was correct and helpful data visualization of client’s current assets and of possible future optimized state of assets. The UI part was written with Dojo Toolkit and Dojo build.
  • In 2012 I wrote and launched quantitative strategy on Collective2. The computation and simulation engine was originally written in Scala 2.9. Later I had to re-write Monte Carlo engine to plain Java for additional speed-up at computation intensive tasks.
  • In 2015 I worked on event charging solution for Russian VoIP operators. Technology stack for this project included Glasgow Haskell Compiler 7.10.3 with Yesod 1.4 framework for RESTful microservices, Postgresql 9.4 and MongoDB 3.2. Deployment is automated by using Docker 1.9. Nginx is used as reverse-proxy. The solution was mentioned to be integrated with Asterisk but the project has been stopped.
  • In 2016 I worked on event charging solution for Excelacom Ltd. Technical setup included Java 8, Spring Boot, Jetty, and Oracle DB 12c. UI part is developed with React.js and Material UI. The solution was meant to be integrated into company's portfolio but due to lack of customers it has been cancelled. Also I worked on BPMN 2.0 compatible solution for order orchestration.
NVision Czech Republic a.s., January 2011 - March 2016
Development Sector Manager. Lead engineer responsible for development and product delivery.
  • Using the experience I got from the freelance period I have provided a 3x times speed-up for the core module of the rating subsystem, thus lowering risk of maintenance operations (which are sometimes quite lengthy). The improvement raised the number of CDRs per hour from 0.5 mln to 1.6 mln.
  • I introduced NoSQL solution based on MongoDB ( for backing up rating cache. Previously made in-house caching solution has problems with persistence and consistency, and it led to various problems in rating process.
  • We've built a Scrum team of full stack developers to coach and to guide existing teams for taking challenges with proactive approach.
  • Besides management itself, I also code in PL/SQL for Oracle 11g, C# for .NET Framework 4 and JavaScript with Angular.js framework.
Barclays Capital, April 2010 - December 2010
Assistant Vice President.
  • The project I worked on was an integration project that provides index composition data directly to risk and pricing systems. A list of architectural and maintenance improvements was proposed and implemented in TDD way with high code coverage ratio.
  • This was my first full-time experience with Agile practices: daily scrum, retros, etc.
DIV Inzenjering d.o.o., June 2009 - February 2010
Freelance Consultant.
It was a 9-month project in Belgrade for Mobile Telecom Serbia. First months I spent on stabilization of core subsystems of OSS/BSS solution. Before the stabilization Telecom Serbia losses were a few million dollars per month. After that I participated in the implementation of transactional Order Fulfillment integration system (.NET/Oracle 10g) between Telecom Serbia business applications and OSS products from Sitronics Telecom Solutions.
SITRONICS Telecommunication Solutions, Czech Republic a.s., December 2005 - May 2009
Software Architect.
  • Using my previous experience I was working on high-level architecture for online/offline charging and billing system. I was responsible for preparation of software design documents of new features and of change requests.
  • During my work I was responsible for further development of Value Added Services on .NET platform. Direct cooperation with customer was an essential part of my duties. I made a business analysis of requirements, provided architecture enhancements and developed the VAS solution, which is able to manage more than 5 million requests per day from more than 20 millions customers with 99,999% availability and hard real-time requirements. CLR 2.0 gave us a tough challenge to meet real-time requirements.
  • Being asked to lead the Customer Management team my goal was to redesign and to stabilize the project up to production quality. The complete redesign plan was implemented in further version of the system as well as it was started in the current version. It surprised me that the planning and control of the team was not a big deal because the team was self-organizing and proactive in search of new enhancements and bug removal. It was the ideal environment to apply Microsoft Solution Framework practices.
Eleron, part of Russian State Atomic Energy Enterprise, September 2004 - November 2005
Standalone development of information management system in J2SE 1.4 for State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”. I also participated in development of protection system evaluation algorithms.
CBOSS, August 2002 - August 2004
Security Developer.
It was a challenging position that gave me an understanding of internal and external threats and how to design sophisticated security solutions. Our team developed the outstanding security solution, which remained unbroken for more than a year after production release. I was working on cross-platform modules for Oracle in C++, which must work on Solaris (Intel and SPARCs) as well as on Windows platform.
Senior QA Engineer.
Working for the largest BSS/OSS provider in Russia with more than 1000 installations over the world, I did performance and functional testing of newly developed Intelligent Network platform (CBOSS IN 4.0). I was responsible for all test coverage of CCAF and SSF layers. It required a strong understanding of SS7 stack and underlying hardware (Lucent EXS series). The toolset for tests was developed using J2SE 1.4.


Haskell Financial Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics
The book is a hands-on guide that employs a mix of theory and practice. Starting with the basics of Haskell, this book walks you through the mathematics involved and how this is implemented in Haskell.


Monte Carlo simulation library
The library provides Monte Carlo calculations on stochastic processes. Multithreaded, Single and Multiple dimensions, Variance Reduction technics, Maximum Likelihood estimation by Monte Carlo probability sampling.
Redis backend for Persistent library
Library provides Redis support for Persistent, Haskell ORM with pluggable backends.
Oracle native library
Takusen Oracle is an Oracle access library for Haskell. Like HSQL and HDBC, it supports arbitrary SQL statements (currently strings, extensible to anything that can be converted to a string). Takusen's unique selling point is safety and efficiency.
This library is a port of essencial parts of QuantLib to Haskell.

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